Humi Dri Desiccant bags


Humi Dri is high-quality desiccant bags used to ensure that goods are damage-free from moisture and gas. Available in different materials, the packaging of the Humi Dri Desiccant Bag can be made from Paper, DL Paper, KF Paper, Hard Paper, Packtex, Heatlon, Kraft Paper, Tyvek, Clear Plastic, Sewn Bags or Tear-Proof (TP) Fabric.

Types of desiccants

Desiccant types are available in Silica gel, Activated clay, Molecular Sieves, Activated Alumina and Activated Carbon. Custom blends are also available upon request. Desiccant pouches are available in a wide selection of different types, materials and weight from 0.5gm up to 1kg to meet requirements from industries such as Healthcare, food packaging, Electronics, Logistics, Military and Aerospace.

Desiccant packaging materials are available in Clear Plastic, Tyvek, KF Paper, Hard Paper, Kraft Paper, DL Paper, Heatlon, Anti-static Bags, and Tear-Proof (TP) Fabric. Desiccant bag packaging options come in drums, tins, carton boxes and moisture barrier bags to suit required protection and prolong shelf life. An additional humidity indicator card will help provide a visual indication of the relative humidity within the packaging enclosure.

Manufactured in Singapore – Desiccant bags

Inspections and quality checks conducted daily in our in house laboratory. ISO 9001 and 140001 certifications ensure constant improvement in our manufacturing process in both Malaysia and Singapore factory to meet high-quality requirements. High-quality packaging solutions are available in an array of options. Select the type and size that fits your specific application. Option to combine with activated carbon for adsorption of odour. Non-standard desiccant Customized bags and printing are also available upon request. Desiccant strips are available for automated packaging operations that require to keep the assembly line moving continually.

The Desiccant bags packaging is also available in various forms:

  • Carton Box
  • Plastic bottle
  • Fibre Drum
  • Tin Container

We also allow the customization of your desiccant bags with a wide variety of desiccants available. Our available desiccants include; Activated Clay, Activated Alumina, Activated Carbon, Molecular Sieve, Non-indicating Silica Gel, Orange-indicating Silica Gel and Blue-indicating Silica Gel. Humi Dri desiccant bag is also available in Canister, Spool, Loose Form, Sachet, Strip and Plastic Tablet.

Talk to our packaging engineers to help with your packaging requirements. Find out more information on our video on moisture absorbers. This video explains the difference between moisture absorbers and oxygen absorbers.

Humi Dri Sachet brochure